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Our studio is nestled in a beautiful valley on the Russian River in Healdsburg, California, surrounded by trees and wildlife, with a rocky beach next door. The studio coexists with a small (30 seat) working dramatic theatre, housed in a historic building which dates back to 1906. This unique setting provides an inspirational space for creativity.

Initially started as a space for editing, MIDI orchestration, mixing, mastering and video production, modifications were made to accommodate recording small ensembles.  Recently, we improved the studio, allowing for larger bands (including drums), with a new drum booth, larger control room, and 16 simultaneous inputs. Book a free tour to see the space, and we can discuss how we can meet your project's needs.

Studio Features

(PLEASE NOTE: we are constantly improving the studio, as economics permit. If there is a certain item or feature you are seeking, please let us know, as it may be on our list for upgrading.)

Pro Tools 16-track recording/editing/mixing and mastering using a Presonus Quantum 26x32 and a Focusrite Octopre. Additionally, for live recording, a Zoom F8n 8-channel, dual chip field recorder.

Apple Final Cut Pro X for video editing, including Cinema Grade color processing with numerous film and style LUT settings to emulate film. DVD mastering with DVD Studio Pro and also iDVD.

Soundcraft GB4 32 channel analog console.

Furman personal headphone mixing system for use during tracking.

Waves signal processing (Diamond package with additional analog console/tape emulation and pitch correction).

Additional effects include Brauer Motion, Slate Digital analog tape, Crystalizer granular delay, Abbey Road control room emulation, SSL EVO analog console emulation, Waves NLS console emulation, AMEK 9098 console emulation, and extensive guitar amp emulators. Numerous modeled compressor plug-ins. Noise reduction and restoration programs, coupled with precise equalization for use with forensic/restoration projects. LP transfer services are also available (turntable listed below).

Virtual instruments;

Quantum Leap Pianos (sampled Bechstein, Bosendorfer, Steinway D, Yamaha C7)

UVI Steinway grand

Addictive Keys Upright (like Yamaha U2)

Vienna Ensemble symphonic library (including Bosendorfer grand piano)

EastWest Hollywood Strings

Various modeled analog synths and modern synths

Virtual guitar, keyboard, drum and percussion instruments

B3-style drawbar organ

Waves Vocoder emulation

Control room speaker monitor calibration by dbx DriveRack spectrum analysis/equalization for accurate playback through JBL LSR-308s.


Additional Presonus Eris monitors, and Alesis Monitor One, MKII.

Large monitor screen for video editing.

Mics:  Please inquire.

Bluetube two channel tube preamp/tube DI.

Art DI, two channel.

Art mic splitter/combiner (x2).

TEAC 4-channel 1/4" reel-to-reel.

Denon direct drive, microprocessor controlled, quartz lock turntable, with original Denon cartridge (for restoration or remasters from vinyl).

And now the special stuff:

Single serve coffee maker

Tea kettle



Tea, coffee, cold drinks, etc...

Theatrical mood lighting

and...a beautiful space to enjoy outside, between takes.

Studio Rates


Music recording, editing, mixing, mastering, audio restoration, LP transfers, video recording/editing, DVD mastering in the Healdsburg studio: $50/hour, one hour minimum.

ADR recording with picture and timecode sync: $150/hour, one hour minimum.

Audio restoration/enhancement for corporate, legal or court purposes: $85/hour (includes comprehensive report regarding methods used to enhance audio footage).

Audiobook/spoken word/podcast/broadcast recording, editing: $65/hour, one hour minimum.

Location recording: (up to 8 channels, within Sonoma County) $65/hour, plus one-way travel time. For locations outside of Sonoma County, or more elaborate location recording configurations, please inquire.

Personal consultation: (within Sonoma County) $45/hour, plus one-way travel time.

Corporate consultation: (within Sonoma County) $55/hour, plus one way travel time.

(Locations outside of Sonoma County, please inquire.)

Returning Artist Rate: please inquire.

Engineering in other studios: please inquire.

Studio tours: FREE.

Book a free tour today! (707) 321-1283 voice/text

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