Special 1st Anniversary Promotion!

ONLY for the month of May, 2022

Book session time at the Healdsburg studio that takes place in the month of May, 2022, and get a $10 per hour discount! Yes! Ten dollars off the normal hourly rate of $65 per hour!

It's $55/hr for the month of 5!

What's the catch?

The sessions must happen in the month of May, 2022. Rate does NOT carryover into other months. Starting June 1, 2022, the rate goes back to $65 per hour, regardless of when projects were started. That's it!

What services does the promo rate cover?

Recording, editing, mixing, mastering, MIDI orchestration, in-house video recording, video editing, LP transfers, and noise reduction/audio enhancement.

Is there a limit to the number of hours at this special rate?

NO! (until May becomes fully booked)

Are there substitutions?

No, you can't defer the session to another month, you can't continue the lower rate once May, 2022, has finished, and you can't swap the mashed potatoes for the rice pilaf either (the chef doesn't like that).

Who is it for?



No, really, who is it for?


Of course, session time is booked on a first come-first served basis, so the sooner you book, the better chance your first choice of time slot will be available.

Any questions? Just contact me and I'll answer them... Or better yet: book a free tour!

Darryl Webb (707) 321-1283 voice/text