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Re-mastered numerous John Lennon and Beatles songs for the John Lennon Art Tour.

Drops of Colour (mastering) The Silence Echoes

Buried Treasure (mastering), Spontaneous Combustion (mastering), Good News, Late Bloomer, Fire Up River, Songs for Jessie, Patrick James Flynn

Fifty Miles From Somewhere, Lesli Webb

Eighteen (EP), Emma Tremont

Outnumbered, Outnumbered

Maple Station Express, Maple Station Express

From Scratch, The Pudding Brothers

Blue Vibes, Let’s Play, Herb Gibson

Full Measure, Big Difference, Silveroot

Masquerade, The Familiar Strangers, Heroes & Friends, The Familiar Strangers

Fisherman's Son, Tradition, Aloha Au I Ka Hawai'i (mixing/mastering) Nate Kana'e

Trouble in Mind, You Don’t Know Me, There Ain’t Nobody Home But Me, Pilgrim, Plain Dirt Fashion, Kevin Russell

Don't Overstay Your Welcome, Prudence and Wisdom, 3 Acre Holler

Shelter, Top Secret Redacted

Sanctuary, Radhika Miller

Organization, Delbert Bump Trio

It's About Time, or is It About Time, Hank Levine

Onramp, Gerry Grosz Jazz Kitchen

Valentine, In the Zone, Different Strokes, Yehudit

Folk Violin from Peru, Daniel Zamalloa

It’s About Time, Lua Hadar

Dining at the Banquet, The Kitchenettes

Under a Stormy Sky, Modern Hicks

Calvinesque (mastering), Hand Made Portrait, Calvin Keys

Love is the Key, Breathe, Twin Souls

Love and Barbwire, Mark McLay

Great Long Time, Mark McDonald

Ilaya, Ilaya

Grandma Sure Was Right, Anthony Smith

If Love Be the Food of Musick (mastering), Upon a Time, Zoë Vandermeer

Bien Avant, The Whistler (The Best Of Diego), Diego Jameau

Angels in the Kitchen, Say What You Will, Tone Bent

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for ‘Gravity Hill’ Bill Horvitz, composer

24 Preludes, Gregory Leupp

Evocacion, Eric Caballo

Beginner’s Luck, Lindalou and Michael Ryge

Attend O Heaven, Behold Your God, (location recordings-liturgical chant) St. Seraphim Orthodox Choir

Well That’s Never Dry, Mercy of Peace, Living H2O

Anchored in the Lord, The Holy Dormition Youth Choir

Anologos, Brigitte Armenier

Live at Yoshi’s, Steve Heckman

Gospel Hour, Ava & Hanni

Bless the Child, Maureen Davison

The Ten Commandments, Kathy Schallert

Dream Awake, Astarius, Primordial Didge, Echoes of Eternity, Vibrational Healing Ascension Current, Spirit Rap, Ascension Rap, Astarius (mastering (all albums))

Healing Bowls of Shangri-la, Thea Surasu with Steven Halpern

Only Me, God’s Gift of Love, Celebrating Him, In the Beginning God, Let’s Get Wild for Jesus, Thy Word Have I Hid in my Heart, Howdy Partner Come Along…, Fiesta Time With Jesus, Bible Verses for the King’s Children, We’ll Power Up with Jesus, We Will Praise the Lord, Written in Stone: The Ten Commandments, VBS 2013 & 2014, Thy Way O God is in the Sanctuary, Ruth Andrieux

Dragon’s Lair (mastering), Jessica Star

Forever and a Day: Jazz Standards of the 1920’s-40’s, World Family Folk Celebration, Maria Jameau

Classical Favorites from the Harp, Soothing Lullabies from the Harp, Sally Fletcher

“Y2K,” Ellis

Cebu, Soft Shoulder

Alas del Viento, David Correa and Cascada

Revival Kit (mastering), Adam Theis

I Live on a Blue Orb (live performance recording), Jett Green

The Culinary Society of America Presents… various artists-live performance

Fall Concert 2008, Spring Concert 2009, Healdsburg Community Chorus

Choral concerts (numerous-location recordings), Santa Rosa High School



One Angel Left, (audiobook recording/editing), Jack Morris

The Four Purposes of Life, The Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior, (audiobook recording/editing), Dan Millman

The Creative Compass, (audiobook recording/editing), Dan Millman and Sierra Prasada

Sharks of the Rangaroa Atoll, (narration) Discovery Channel

OWN network tags (voiceovers with D.B. Sweeney), Oprah Winfrey Network

My Soul to Take (ADR recording), Wes Craven

Goldman Awards, Robert Redford, narration

One Day on Earth (BBC), Robert Redford, additional narration

International Cooking DVD series (Greece, Italy, Japan) (narration/editing), The Culinary Institute of America

Golf and the Spirit, (audiobook recording), M. Scott Peck

Cooking in Italy (narration), Food Network, Leslie Sbrocco

Dandelions Blooming in the Cracks of Sidewalks, (audiobook recording/editing), Amita Lhamo

Bliss Brain, (audiobook recording/editing), Dawson Church

Power Your Tribe, (audiobook recording/editing), Christine Comaford


Divided We Stand, feature film (visual editing, visual effects), John Blackman

“Pearls, Clams and Grains of Sand,” audio recording/music video editing, John Blackman

Restoring the entire historical audio footage for The Foundation of Revelation

Restoring archived concert tapes from the Fillmore, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix

Live action television commercial spots, (co-wrote, co-produced, co-shot, and co-edited) Romelli Bail Bonds

Live action shorts (self produced): At the Museum, A Homeward Sky, The Secret Tea Party (wrote, produced, shot, edited and composed music)

Live action short films (with Jeske Lange): Outside the Walls, At the Pond (co-wrote, co-produced, co-shot, co-edited, and co-composed music)


Composed theme for theatrical production "Rebecca"

Composed theme for original "Project Censored" radio program season

Composed numerous themes for the McDougall Program

Sound design: numerous theatrical productions including:

            A Few Good Men

            I'll Get My Man

            South Pacific

            Something's Afoot

            Enchanted April

            Cash on Delivery


            Nymph Errant

            She's Done it Again

            Fiddler on the Roof

Theatrical/Film/Television/Orchestral performances: In excess of 60 productions.

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